1. now, now children
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  4. Yonghwa and his Japanese translator.

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  7. when someone asks me why I stan WINNER I answer it’s because these boys started from the very bottom, from a point where nobody would bet a single cent on them, because they were just the losing team, the team with no teamwork whatsoever, the team who couldn’t dance well, the team who “didn’t enjoy the stage”, the team who gave a “I want to do well” feeling instead of a “I’m doing well” feeling. Taehyun’s struggles have been the struggles of every single member of that team, because honestly, they were given the loser image since the very beginning. Still, they didn’t give up and spread their wings wider to “fly on stage”. And in the end, every tear shed, every wall they bumped into, every humiliation has been repaid, because not only they now fly on stage, but they also shine on that stage. And this is a rocket that can only go up.

    "Right now the word WINNER is just written in plain black letters. Now we must turn those letters into gold." (Kim Jinwoo - WINNER)

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Mark peeking at you

    Mark peeking at you

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  11. ಠ︹ಠ 

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    v/ important

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    can we talk about how expensive shinee looks here? like they’re the group of rich kids in your school and they’re just complaining about how their dad didn’t let them use the private jet last weekend, like wow such sad. 

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  17. "Last romeo" wins // b&w | by infiniteyounges

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    Byun Baekhyun, please stop before i punch your embarassing face.

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    the real f4:



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    the rap that changed the nation

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